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Welcome! Auricular Ear is now included in the bodywork sessions with Pam. Mini Ear Sessions available, first come first served Sept 16th 11 am - 1 pm. Takes 10 minutes. $25. Bring the kids saturday for an ear session and we can also help you select extra nutrition support for the kids to enhance their school year. Ask to taste our delicious fish oil, the kids will love it. We have a great selection of CBD oil in liquid, sprays, capsules and balms. We include the cbd oil selections in our volume discount (spend $100 in supplement purchase and get 20% off everyday) We are confident in our the 2 brands we have carried since we have stocked both brands for several years and the feedback has been very good. Check out our Facebook Page for more about what is going on at North Star. Dr Pam was recently interviewed in a local paper: Read the Article. Thank You for Supporting Us! Serving our Community since 1974!

Energy Mulit 2 120 V caps
Our Price: $34.00