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The Gifts of the Sea Soap Collection is ready just in time for Father's Day, these are not online and we have have posted to FB soon, and we have a large selection in our store, to see and smell. These make a great unique gift. You can view some of the soap collection and find out what is new and what is going on by visiting our Facebook Page. Enjoy! We now have in stock a new line of Probiotics that we have been testing and really like! Available in store and online. 4 Drops 2 x daily, no refrigeration required!! We also now carry Locally made Kombucha 16 oz bottle in Flavors in our frig. To see our full collection of professional products, please log into your account. For more information about setting up an account to view and buy all our products click here.

Whey Protein
Our Price: $34.95
Energy Mulit 2 60 V caps
Our Price: $18.00
Energy Mulit 2 120 V caps
Our Price: $34.00