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Welcome Indian Summer Restore is a very unique product for gut health, we have it at North Star: Click for more info. AROMATHERAPY CLASS THURS SEPT 22 3-4 PM. Sign Up online $10. Autumn Soap Collection will be available by Friday Sept 9th.We have a great selection of Pam's soaps come and see and smell and purchase for that great unique gift for you or a friend. Check out our Facebook Page for more about what is going on at North Star. Enjoy! We now have in stock a new line of Probiotics that we really like! Available in store and online. 4 Drops 2 x daily, no refrigeration required!! To see our full collection of professional products, please log into your account. For more information about setting up an account to view and buy all our products click here.

Paramin 90 Tabs
Our Price: $22.00
Energy Mulit 2 120 V caps
Our Price: $34.00
Whey Protein
Our Price: $34.95