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Our Marvelous Liver

Our Marvelous Liver
By Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D. Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Massage Therapist
The liver is one of the most complex, powerful and useful organ in the body. The liver’s importance in overall health, and it’s physiology, has long been recognized by experts. It is thought to be the seat of the soul, of love, of desire, and of courage. Certainly, it is true that vibrant health of both body and mind is only possible if the liver is functioning properly. The liver’s job is to help us cope with our complicated world. It helps us convert food into chemicals the body needs to sustain life, helps detoxify poisonous substances, it metabolizes hormones and fatty acids, stores blood, fat soluble vitamins, produces bile, helps body resist infection, it produces CoQ 10, (cholesterol lowering drugs deplete the body of CoQ10). Springtime is a very good time for focus on the liver as in Chinese Medicine this is the liver time.
Detoxification is very important to the Liver: Mini Cleanse 2-3x yearly would be helpful. Consider 1 week each season to gently cleanse Liver
(North Star carries some nice boxed cleanses that are 14-28 days and easy to do: Cleanse Smart, Yeast Cleanse Box, Liver Cleanse)
Foods that Nourish Liver: Beets, Lemons, Beet Greens, Apples, Parsley ( easy to grow and then you have greens all summer!!), Lecithin, Nettle Tea, Peppermint Tea, Garlic and Onion, Dandelion Greens, Veggie Soup, Garlic, cold pressed Olive Oil, Asparagus, Green veggies of any kind (Kale very good and supportive in any form, raw, cooked, or juiced). Tumeric: open 2 caps. I like the Premier Brand
When the liver is Happy: The thyroid function improves, digestion is good, sugar metabolism is working, hormones are in balance and relaying properly, we can fall asleep, stay asleep and awake refreshed, enjoy pain free movement, joints are happy and we are happy and joy-filled.

Kale in Smoothies or Steamed Lemon Water
Nutrients that support liver function: Alpha Lipoic Acid, ( 300mg caps 1-2 per day ), Reishi Mushroom, (Reishi Complex, and Immune Complex by Premier have Reshi) Tumeric (caps or Liver ND Liquid), Co Q 10, Energizing Iron (liquid liver with B12), Vitamin B complex ( 50 mg of each, and Max B Stress Liquid), Dandelion Root, Greens (Powder or caps or liquid), Milk Thistle, Gall Bladder complex caps and Gall Bladder Nano Detox (contains Chinese Gold Coin herb) , Xeno Complex ( herbs to detox estrogens out). Phosphoditidal Choline (1200mg daily), MSM (form of sulfer), HCL + HCL activator used with and between meals), Cell Salt #11 Nat Sulph, NAC, Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium, For Infection: Allicidin (garlic), Parastat, Paracidin, Agrisept. Blood Sugar Manager, has good support for liver including alpha lipoic acid. Gama Detox powder for detoxification.
Liver Helpers: Castor Oil Packs on abdomen, Coffee Enemas, Pressure Points, Liv 3 and GB41 on top of foot, GB 20 in back of neck under Skull (go to yingyanghouse.com to find point locations), Shouting, Patting Liver Daily, Smiling down to liver, reviewing body care products for chemicals, Gall Bladder Flush, See book “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse” by Andreas Moritz (14:95 at North Star). Especially check deodorants (avoid aluminum and alum). We have a nice selection at North Star. Exercise regularly.
Signs of Diminished Liver Function: Anger/agitation/frustration/resentment, pencil size stools, stools that float, clay colored stools, burping bitter taste (Bile), yellow cast in skin /eyes, furrow between eyebrows, headaches, PMS, menopause symptoms, high liver enzymes in blood chemistry, swelling in joints, nausea, thyroid symptoms, skin rashes, including psoriasis, anorexia, sore muscles, prolonged flu symptoms can be liver function, nail health, eye health, dizziness, ringing in the ears, . Liver Destroyers: Rancid Oils, constipation, cooked fats (fried foods), alcohol consumption, cholesterol lower meds, pesticides, herbicides, estrogen, parasites/flukes, chemicals in food, water, body care products, Tylenol, long term caffeine intake, exposure to solvents (nail polish cleaning products etc), Diet sodas, Artificial Sweeteners, High Protein or High Fat or High sugar, or high processed food diet, and, Hepatitis. Avoid caffeine, and refined salt. Try Pink Salt.
Master Cleanser: Great Book, I have recommended for 4 decades: read the book and consider 1-7 days on this cleanse. Start with ½ day. You can also add 1 quart of lemonade to your diet: 8-10 Medium fresh lemons or limes 8-10 oz Maple Syrup (Dark A or Grade B) Dash of Cayenne Pepper 1 gallon Purified H20 Pour out approximately 2 oz of the purified water to make room for the maple syrup and lemon juice (the lemons will yield about 8-10 oz of juice). Add about an equal amount of maple syrup to the lemon juice. You may decrease the amount of maple syrup according to your taste. Add your dash of cayenne pepper, refrigerate and ENJOY! This lemonade can be served warm or cool and is great with meals or as a snack all year round. Refrigerated lemonade will last 2-3 days. Opened maple syrup should be refrigerated. Variations For electrolyte replacement before athletic training or in hot weather: Add per quart of lemonade:1-2 packets Emergen-C and ¼ tsp low sodium concentrate (Concentrace Trace Mineral drops) You can freeze any leftover lemonade into ice cubes and use in a thermos to help stay cool during the hot summer months. For a single serving: 10 oz Purified H20 Juice from ½ fresh lemon or lime 1-2 Tb Maple Syrup (to taste) Partial dash of Cayenne pepper (to taste) Add together, mix in water, warm or cool.

North Star Health carries all these products and some are online now with the rest to follow soon.

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