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Class Healing Touch & Indian Summer Sat. Aug 25th
Class Healing Touch & Indian Summer Sat. Aug 25th

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Please Join Us in Class

Healing Touch & Acupressure

Staying Healthy IN the Seasons

Welcoming Our Indian Summer Bliss

with Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D.

Sat. August 25th

2:15 - 4:15 pm $50
Class size limited to 25

Please register online by Aug 23rd.

A Relaxing, Recharging, and Inspiring Gathering

This session welcomes newcomers
as well those that have participated in past sessions.

Topics Include:
Staying Healthy with the Seasons
Indian Summer & Early Fall Ideas for Nurturing Wellness
Dr. Pam's Favorite Acupressure Points for Easy Self Care

Learn how to identify easy acupressure points for:
Indian Summer Rejuvenation
Healthy Brain Function

Simple Daily Techniques for Energy Balance
Aromatherapy for Mental Clarity will fill our room.
Please register here online to participate in this class.
These classes include a nice booklet of handouts and a goodies bag.

Come and join us for the Indian Summer Session celebrating the Earth Element.
Indian summer is a time where we find our rhythms to experience that which makes life simple and harmonious, and our activity becomes effortless, dreamlike
and unified in the bridge between summer and autumn.
Learn simple techniques for attuning our energies in supporting our Earth Element that is especially helpful for calming nerves, and enhancing digestion.

Join us as we gather for another class celebrating Indian Summer,
exploring health tips, and learning and activating our precious power points.
Expand your awareness of nourishing your body, mind, and soul.
Learn precious acupressure points to nourish our hearts for joy.

Live Life to the Fullest

This season can provide us with a profound time of recharging, enhancing creativity, and visions for enhancing our energies for our Indian Summer Bliss.

Join us August 25th

This is a gentle hands- on class experiencing simple, yet powerful techniques that have been used since ancient times. Join us to learn and experience simple energy techniques that are easily implemented anywhere, anytime. Acupressure techniques can be used for self-healing, and daily revitalization for ourselves, our loved ones, and by healers in professional settings. All skill levels are welcome. This gentle form of energy work will incorporate the ancient art of healing with your hands. In this class you will guided to apply a gentle tune-up on yourself by activating Pam's favorite Acupuncture Points on your body & Ears.

Healing touch is based on the principle that beautiful universal life energy is everywhere, and available. We are highly complex fields of energy, and
this energy sustains all living organisms .
Modern quantum physics reveals this energy to be light. A healthy person’s energy flows freely in, through, and out of the body nourishing all organs and systems. Dis-ease occurs when the flow of energy becomes depleted, imbalance, or blocked. By using simple centering techniques, we can tap into the universal energy, and direct this energy for health and healing. These simple techniques are helpful for anxiety, depression, and to help reduce any kind of stress. And they can be used for pain and to daily nourish our wellness.

"In being transformed, altered, and worked with, (our energies) become higher and more coherent." ___Jack Schwarz Voluntary Controls

Register Today

Please Register & Pay Online by Thursday June 8th.
Sign-up online here Class size limited to 25.
This class will be held in the
North Star Classroom 8619 East 116th Street
Please come to North Star
with class starting promptly at 2:15.
(if you are late after 2:15 pm)
please knock on front door as store will be locked at 2:15 pm

Please dress casual in comfortable clothing.

About Pamela Alboher-Ray

She is the founder and director of North Star Health and has inspired and helped thousands of people with her skills and vast repertoire of knowledge since opening her first center in 1974. She is an acknowledged expert in numerous complimentary therapies with over 40 years’ experience. As a health educator, and counselor, she gently guides and empowers in a holistic approach, acknowledging the inter-connections of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. She holds a Ph.D. in Preventative and Therapeutic Clinical Nutrition received from Roger J. Williams Graduate School of Nutritional Science in 1984, is certified in clinical nutrition and first became certified in 1981. She also holds certification and qualification in Homeopathy, Herb and Plant Medicine, Reflexology, Thai Medical Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Applied Kinesiology, Electro Dermal Screening, Iridology, Electro Acupuncture, and Energy Muscle Testing. She utilizes her advanced skills in Nutrition offering nutritional guidance, and has available at North Star state of the art professional products. She is licensed by the state of Indiana in Massage Therapy.

She has taught classes privately and at Indiana and Purdue Universities continuing education divisions, Butler University, and several local hospitals and schools.

Activating her vision of wellness she currently facilitates successful outcomes with her skills in nutrition, herbs, energy muscle testing, purification, homeopathy, iridology, stress management, and advanced energy bodywork. She have implemented ETPS/MPS, which is a form of acupuncture (no needles), that utilizes a low frequency current to activate the energy circuits in the body since 2005, and has obtained outstanding outcomes for pain and improved energy. She currently utilizes AcuGraph Technology, Auricular Therapy and advanced therapeutic bodywork.

She has thousands of hours in continuing education for both nutrition and many types of bodywork. She has always been interested in health, and with over 40 years in private practice as a health practitioner, she is still very passionate about this work, and feels incredibly blessed and honored to be a part of this work to help people and work in a field she has so much passion for.
Her office is located at North Star Health in downtown Fishers IN.

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