North Star Health Center
Health is Our Greatest Weatlh

At North Star, our Mission is to share our enthusiasm for personal wellness, sharing our expert and long time experience, in providing a high standard of quality selections of thoughtfully researched information, products, trainings and services.

Our wide selection is offered with professional, efficient, courteous service. We specialize in quality nutritional, herb, and homeopathic medicines and natural herbal body care.

We are proud that since starting this business in 1974 as an open air fruit market, and then a full health food store in 1976, we have developed a loyal group of customers who stay with us year after year. It has always been our intention to provide the very best products, information, and services trusted by health professionals and people in our communities. Successful outcomes are achieved with the best information. The information is for you to study, evaluate and act upon. Feel the Message.

Staffed with knowledgeable friendly people, our director, founder and owner, Pamela Alboher-Ray, holds a Ph.D. in clinical nutrition and over 46 years experience coaching wellness and operating a health center. She is qualified and experienced in numerous natural pathways for health. She facilitates successful outcomes with her skills in nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, iridology, stress management, and bodywork (including electro-acupuncture) for individuals and groups. She has presided over the purchase and sale of many millions of dollars of health educational and nutritional products. She is available by appointment for nutritional consultation in her Fishers office at North Star, and also by phone and email.

Looking forward, we will continue to guide North Star, and provide personalized service and well documented products that exceed your expectations for many years to come. Today our reputation for delivering innovative and specialized help is appreciated by many.

Health and happiness are direct results of the choices we make moment to moment in our daily life. How we eat, exercise; think, pray, play, rest, and love affect our health and well-being. We acknowledge, support and nurture each person’s unique biochemical individuality.

Let North Star be a guiding light. Visit and experience our location in Fishers. Enjoy our selection and information online. We have 3600 square feet of nutritional supplements, books, and natural herbal body care including Dr. Pamela’s handmade cold process soaps, classroom, medicinal garden, and much more.

Have a Blessed Day.