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Love Yourself--Be Yourself
__1. Love, be Loved... & Love More! Love is the ultimate elixir. With an open heart-- and loving yourself and life you bath every cell in your body with positively charged energy. Love the people and the world around you. As you expand your heart, you will develop greater understanding, compassion and self-awareness. Experience the love and beauty all around you, as it is a most very important key to health and healing.

__2. Find and Expand Your Life Purpose. Growing your passions and talents will lead to fulfillment in life.

__3. Feed Yourself Proper Fuel. This includes nourishing natural living foods full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and enzymes, necessary for optimal health and vitality. Choosing whole foods as close to nature as possible. Feeding yourself also extends to our activities and sensory impressions.

__4. Exercise Your Mind and Body Daily. Find a Plan that works for you.

__5. Our senses feed our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual natures. Taste, sight, sound, smell and touch enhance the joy and grandeur of life. Use your senses wisely.

__6. Use Your Intellect Intelligently and Lovingly. We are all intelligent. Listen to your inner wisdom. Your body is talking to you all the time. Listen. This will help bring you into balance and maintain your balance and focus.

__7. Make Time To Still Your Mind Daily. Revise the negative internal dialog, into your highest choices. Schedule quiet time with breathing exercises will help reduce stress and nurture creativity. Count your blessings and say your prayers.

__8. Change with the Seasons. We are influenced and linked to the greater natural environment, it supports us to to change as it does.

__9. Relationships: Practice Clarity. We are constantly relating to your own physical and mental well-being.

First establish a healthy relationship with your inner self, which will then prepare you to relate to the external world you interact with. Make a conscious effort to communicate openly and honestly. Keep your word.

__10. Live in the Present. Cultivate Your Awareness. We have an unbounded awareness that resides within the very core of our being. Choosing to live with greater awareness promotes positive impulses, and a heighted awareness of our own needs and to those in the world around us. Seek the higher things in life for fulfillment, joy and happiness. May God Bless You With Love, and Light.

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