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Carrot Juice offers wonderful natural skin care benefits when added to natural soap.  It is abundantly rich in beta carotene, that adds a powerful antioxidant which enhances cell renewal, helps to clear and clean sweat glads and reduce acne, and safeguards the skin against sunburn.  Carrot soap is also an effective moisturizer, augmenting the skin's capacity to hold moisture, which helps prevent dry skin and psoriasis.  Carrots have a lot of beta carotene, which restores the skin cells and is an antioxidant, and the goat milk in many of the recipes of Pam's Garden soap also helps hydrate the skin. the oat in the soap adds a nice soothing effect, and is included in some of the recipes.  the carrots add a rich natural orange color.  Goat milk is also added which contain alpha-hydroxy acids and are rich butter fat that naturally moisturize the skin.  ENJOY!
Carrot Juice Soaps