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I am not accepting any new nutritional or bodywork clients at this time.
My schedules are very full with my current clients.

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Best Wishes, Sincerely, Pamela Alboher-Ray

North Star Health

Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Massage Therapist

Nurturing Wellness: Welcoming All Ages and Infants

The best results are obtained
with becoming a wellness client
and scheduling monthly visits.

AcuGraph, and Advanced Bodywork are all included in the hourly rate.

Within your appointment you will be offered a timeline of suggested number of appointments to help you meet your goals.

Dr. Pam has found the best results are obtained by coming for several sessions.

Ancient wisdom combined with modern diagnostics to yield excellent results.

Advanced Bodywork

Dr. Pam’s bodywork strives to activate a deep state of relaxation and balance for the body, mind, and spirit.
Her style is described as slow, firm, relaxing, and nurturing, while she is activating specific pressure points that target key areas for energy balancing. Her unique sensitivity enables her to fine tune and craft each bodywork session around each client’s individual needs. She uses an integrated and compassionate approach that combines over 40 years of professional experience with bodywork and coaching health, and she has thousands of hours of continuing education in bodywork and nutrition. Her intuitive understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection serves to assist clients in releasing tensions and imbalances bringing balance, warmth and care to each person.
While using the ancient healing system called acupuncture, there are no needles ever used in sessions.

She utilizes MPS Electro-Acupuncture, Lasers, Energy Balance Techniques, Reflexology, Thai Medical Massage, Auricular Therapy, and Aromatherapy in her bodywork sessions.

More About Auricular Therapy


An AcuGraph Scan is state of the art testing and can be very helpful, providing a simple non-invasive 10 minute computerized analysis that gently uses a wet cotton probe on points on the hands and feet to measure the energy at acupuncture points. With AcuGraph, we now have the ability to measure energy fields with scientific instruments, and for the first time in human history it is possible to scientifically establish that the Chinese physicians, who intuitively mapped acupuncture meridians thousands of years ago, knew what they were doing! AcuGraph is an evaluation of the energy system that is based on quantum physics and energy medicine to optimize energy meridians that sustain and nurture wellness. AcuGraph helps identify imbalances as well as provide documentation of the energy function in the meridians that are associated with keeping up the vitality of all of our organs and systems. Modern science has determined that Qi, the energy flow in the body, is actually bioelectricity, and we can easily measure it through the skin at classical acupuncture points. AcuGraph measures these energetic impulses providing 9 beautiful views via computer interface to determine how and where to balance the flow of energy in the body. Aligning and balancing the body’s energies in these channels boosts health and vitality, and is a beautiful way to upgrade the body’s natural ability for self healing. The charts help in identifying the pathways where there is too much or too little energy, and the test also identifies acupressure points used for treatment. Your progress is easily charted by comparing graphs from visit to visit. Detailed colorful reports that include measurements of your meridians through graphs chart the progress and are provided for you with acupressure points you can use to continue your body tune-up between sessions.
Dr. Pam’s bodywork with point stimulation restores balance and upgrades vitality. All modalities used are non needle.

Advanced Bodywork & Acugraph

Appointments are in her North Star Health location in downtown Fishers, IN.

No medical condition will be diagnosed or treated and are designed to respect any and all recommendations or treatment by other health practitioners.
Dr. Alboher-Ray handles no insurance matters for appointments.

No insurance assignments are accepted.

North Star Health Center

Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Massage Therapist

In Office appointments are in her offices in Downtown Fishers
8619 East 116th Street Fishers IN 46038
South Side of street 2 blocks west of I-69 .

Enjoy the lovely teaching Peace Garden, Medicinal Organic Flower and Herb Garden, which Pamela started in 2000 and thrives beautifully.