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Welcome Welcome
We are happy to present North Star Health Online.
Stay tuned for a lot more to come.

Below is a brief guided tour of our online site.

We have been online since 2002 and will be working continually to share lots of good information, health tips, recipes and education for your healthy journey.

Thank You
Many thanks to those of you, our great customers, and clients.
Your continued support and patronage has sustained us,
and enabled us to grow and thrive, and we appreciate it very much.

We also appreciate the confidence you have in us by supporting our work,
and will continue to strive to warrant that confidence,
and provide you with good information for making informed health choices.

All of us who staff North Star Health are enjoying this profound journey.
sharing what we learn and helping our communities with health choices.
We are truly so blessed and thankful to be of service in the field of natural health.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this site.
We love the opportunity to work with it and share via web.

We are Unique at North Star Health

Why are we unique?
Here is some of our history:
Dr. Pamela, began this business in 1974, and it has been serving our community continually for 45 years.
With this long history we have worked with lots of people and we have learned a lot.
We study, and, our customers and clients teach us to help enrich our knowledge and experience.

Pamela's Greeting

More about Our History

Our first full service health food store was opened in 1976.
In 2000, our current location in Fishers Indiana opened.
To visit our store we are located in downtown Fishers right across from the municipal complex, just 2 blocks west of I-69 on the south side of the street. We have 3600 square feet, including a nice retail store with a classroom, counseling and treatment offices, and a beautiful medicinal herbal garden out by the railroad tracks. Look for the beautiful garden with the beautiful sign: Peace Garden. Ample Parking in the back along the railroad tracks and easy access at our back door. We also started yoga classes in the upstairs space and it is now owned and operated by Janie with Source Yoga, ask us for a free pass
More about visiting our store and center here.

Pam has presided over the purchase and sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services, in the natural health world in the last 42 years.
This, we believe gives North Star Health a unique and educated perspective in educating people in natural health pathways.

Because Pam is certified, and holds a PhD. in Clinical Nutrition (since 1984), North Star Health enjoys the benefit of offering professional level nutritional products, as well as many other health food store brand products we have a long history of recommending. More about our practitioner, and Professional Products here.

We enjoy a long history of recommending lots of good products, and in some cases we have carried the same products for 4 decades. You could say we have some experienced opinions about what works. We have proven approaches on how implementing products in groupings, and in sequence will enhance their efficacy. We offer some great ideas online and we have many great handouts also available when visiting the store.

Pam offers classes for both lay people and professionals. She maintains her private practice which now only serves her regular clients and is unavailable for new clients. More about Pam here.
She also make hundreds of pounds of handmade soap each month, utilizing flowers and herbs from her many organic gardens.
Pam's Garden Handmade Soap is available online and you can sniff lots of the wonderful choices in our store. These make great healthy gifts for yourself or loved ones.

North Star has a wonderful longtime staff who keep the retail side of North Star humming along. Janet has been working along side Pam, since the opening of our current location in downtown Fishers, February 14, 2000, has a medical background and is very helpful to our customers sharing her wealth of knowledge and information.