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More About Our History

I, Pamela, grew up in Indianapolis in the early 50’s. My dad was a health enthusiast that was actually inspired by my grandmother (my mom’s mom), who lived and worked in the 60’s with Dr. Bernard Jensen, and also Ann Wigmore, who were some of the early pioneers in the natural food movement in the 50’s and 60’s.
( I also in the 70's had the great privilege to study with Bernard Jensen learning Iridology and Diet Therapy from him).
My parents put vitamins in my baby bottle in the early 50’s and we were brought up on healthy wholesome foods, and vitamins, and brewers yeast, my dad frequenting the only health food store that was located in downtown Indianapolis. We took Vitamin C for colds and all 5 of us in our family enjoyed great health.

We enjoyed very healthy whole foods, including a salad with dinner every single night, and very little sugar in our diets (we were allowed 1 pepsi per week). I was always interested in good healthy foods, and gardening so it was simply a natural progression that I would open a fruit stand when I was just starting my 20’s. I then opened my first location, Rainbow Days 2 years later.

After 2 years of college I made the choice to get a job and see what I would study later. I worked for a year in Evanston Hospital in the cancer section where they treated and tested for cancer. This job forever changed my outlook and I began to study all I could about health and prevention. And 1 year later started a fruit market.

I began this business in 1974, as a fruit market, selling tomatoes from my acre of tomatoes that were organically raised. And I have enjoyed this working business continually for 39 years.
My experience and long history, gives me an opportunity to share what I have learned. I have taken thousands of hours of continuing education, and continue taking classes to this date.
I and my staff study, and our customers and clients teach us by their experience as well.

My first full service health food store was opened in 1976,
and was just a few miles south of our current location.
Rainbow Days began as an open air fruit market selling local produce, some of which I grew on the acre I had the privilege to truck farm. In 1976, I opened a year round health food store, offering a full line of natural foods and vitamins, fresh local produce, a lunch bar, and lots of classes. It operated very successfully for 15 years under my management.

Way ahead of its time for the 70's and 80's!
After 15 years, I sold the retail store in 1990, after the birth of my daughter.
This store in it's same location continues to thrive today with new owners.

In 1990, I moved my consulting business home to raise my infant daughter, and continued to coach folks in health, offering classes and private consultations, and maintained a natural pharmacy.

I still love the work today!!
Thank you to all our great customers, some of which still visit us like they did in the 70's and one of our staff, Tom, was also a customer way back then.
What a blessing to continue to have such a great place to work and share health ideas with our community.

Yours In Health, Sincerely, Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D.
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