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Key Benefits

* 1 Quantum-state DNA repair and liver cleanser*
*2 The antioxidant potential of curcuminoids in turmeric are 300 times more potent than vitamin E.
*3 Contains remarkable, immune-modulating properties*
*4 Assists the detox mechanisms of the body, especially the liver*
*5 Helps alleviate stiff and painful joints*
*6 Helps improve and balances metabolism in the body*
*7 Promotes healthy digestion, peristalsis and re­lieves gas*
*8 Helps purify the subtle nerve channels of the body (known as the acupuncture meridian system)*
*9 Non-irradiated grade 10 quality from India
500 mg./ Vcap; 60 Vcaps/bottle

Premier Research Labs Turmeric is Grade 10 Indian Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma longa), fresh-ground on site with nontoxic grinders, guaranteed not irradiated & is a bright yellow tuber (as used in curry) that has been consumed for over 30 centuries in many countries for liver health.* The ac­tive compounds in turmeric known as curcuminoids exert extraordinary liver protection and reju­venation properties. Curcumin is a potent antioxidant showing activity as much as 300 times greater than that of vitamin E. Cur­cumin helps stimulate the flow of bile and aids in fat digestion. Normal secretions of bile are necessary for proper digestion as it alkalinizes stomach acids and helps formation of chyme. Only the finest grade 10 quality Indian tur­meric is ground in PRL lab’s non-toxic grinder and then immediately encapsulated in 100% vegetable capsules without any toxic excipients what so ever. Turmeric and all raw materials used by their labs, must pass photoluminescent near- -infrared spectrum analysis to ensure that all raw materials are non-irradiated and not contaminated with pesticide/insecticide residues. The Protective Properties of Turmeric: Protecting the body’s healthy cells from the harmful elements of today’s environment can be a challenge. With the extraordinary compounds in turmeric, such as curcuminoids, the formation of free radicals can be prevented. Curcuminoids are highly active phytonutrients proven to fight free radical formation in food as well as the body's cells. They act to scavenge and neutralize existing free radicals. Curcuminoids offer special protection and extraordinary build­ing properties for the liver. Nearly 200 scientific papers have documented the antioxidant and immune modulating properties of curcuminoids, which act as essential protectors against undesirable and potentially damaging elements. An example of the significant immune-protective properties of curcuminoids is their ability to reduce the stimulation of Long Ter­minal Repeat (LTR) gene and simultaneously block it as described in a study conducted at Harvard Medical School in March, 1993. By reducing the activity of the LTR gene, undesirable compounds were inhibited from being replicated. Another study showed that curcuminoids were able to inhibit the activity of integrase, the enzyme that integrates a double-stranded DNA copy of the RNA genome, synthesized by reverse transcriptase into a host chromo­some. This means the risk for mutagenesis or runaway cell division is minimized. An interesting study examined the population of Trinidad. About 40% of the population is of Indian descent and uses curry in their diet extensively. (Curcumin is the pigment and active compound in turmeric which is used as one of the ingredients in curry). Another 40% of Trinidad's population is of African descent and rarely uses curry. The Trinidad study showed that persons of African descent were more than ten times more likely to have health concerns than persons of Indian descent. Although other factors may have influ­enced the results of the study, such as sexual habits and genetics, the outcome is more likely due to turmeric’s remarkable immune-protective properties. Another human trial studied smokers and turmeric use. Sixteen chronic smokers were given 1.5 grams of turmeric daily for 30 days, while 6 non-smokers served as a control group receiving no turmeric. At the end of the 30-day trial, the smokers who received the turmeric demonstrated significant reduction in the level of urinary-excreted mutagens compared to the non-smokers. Urinary mutagen levels are thought to correlate with the systemic load and efficacy of detoxification mechanisms of the body. In addition, other research studies demonstrate other detoxification properties of turmeric, including its ability to inhibit benzopyrene, the car­cinogen found in charcoal-broiled meat. Joint Health: Perhaps due to their extraordinary antioxidant potential, curcumi­noids as found in turmeric may help the body cope with immune stress without the toxicity of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflam­matory drugs). In addition, many direct, immune-specific effects of curcuminoids may be in part due to their inhibitory action on thromboxanes and leukotrienes. Curcuminoids help stimulate the release of adrenal corticosteroids and help increase sensitivity of cortisone receptors while simultaneously preventing the breakdown of cortisone. This may explain why curcuminoid supplementation has shown excellent results for improved morning joint flexibility and overall joint health and function. Curcuminoids may be espe­cially effective during joint “flare-ups”. In one double-blind clinical trial that involved patients with joint concerns, the group taking curcuminoids showed improve­ments in the duration of morning flexibility, walking time and joint movement. The safety and excellent tolerability of turmeric and curcuminoids compared to standard drugs is a major advantage. No toxicity reactions to curcuminoids have been reported. Daily Protection: Because of the proven liver cleansing and rejuvenative properties of turmeric, supplementing daily with grade 10 Indian turmeric may provide significant support the body’s primary detox organ, the liver, as well as protection against environmental and dietary toxins.


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Tumeric 60 Vcaps
Tumeric 60 Vcaps
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Freshly ground, quantum-state, Indian turmeric, imported from Ayurvedic growers in India, encapsulated immediately after grinding to retain its unparalleled, active volatile essential oils. Turmeric from Premier Research is a botanical supplement for quantum-state liver and gallbladder cleansing and rejuvenation.*
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