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More About AcuGraph

Dr. Pam is only seeing current clients at this time.

Balancing Your Energy Pathways

Nurturing Wellness

Powerful Techniques for Radiant Health

Advanced State of the Art Computer Testing

Blending Nutrition with Advanced Bodywork


Achieve Optimal Wellness and Vitality

Professional Guidance

AcuGraph with Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D.

Balancing Your Energy Pathways is The Secret to Vibrant Health.
Ancient Wisdom meets the State of the Art Computer Technology.

AcuGraph is a stellar tool of measurement, fast and easy, and a natural choice for practitioners like Dr. Pam, who are committed to high quality care and outstanding results.

All of her treatment modalities are NON NEEDLE TECHNIQUES.
She offers advanced body work sessions and nutritional consultation
for people of all ages.
Find out about the AcuGraph Testing.

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Auricular Therapy with Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D

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