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Ancient Wisdom meets the state of the art technology.

"I have used bodywork, and nutrition in my practice for over 40 years. I love the results I get blending these 2 modalities. I use my skills in Reflexology, Thai Medical Massage, Laser, and Micro-stim Electro-Acupuncture
(MPS) to help balance energies and help restore vitality.
All of my techniques are NON NEEDLE TECHNIQUES "
_______ Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D., Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Massage Therapist.

Why did I choose AcuGraph?

AcuGraph is a stellar tool of measurement, and a natural choice for practitioners like myself, who are committed to high quality care and outstanding results. This 5 minute non- invasive exam, gives me the most advanced view of the energy balance in the body and also the treatment options, which allows me to balance the energy meridians in the body and also to easily track a client’s progress by using AcuGraph's intelligent analysis.
All of my techniques are NON NEEDLE TECHNIQUES.

More information is coming soon.