Meet MPS Therapy with the Dolphin Neurostim, called Microcurrent Point Stimulation or MPS Therapy.  MPS is a non-invasive therapy that applies concentrated, low frequency, DC stimulation to special combinations of acupuncture points, which by applying this specialized form of acupuncture stimulation, you get a really nice approach to pain management that helps a lot of people find relief, as well as help for nervous system STRESS, because it releases the body’s natural painkillers – Endorphins!!

Pamela Alboher-Ray, Ph.D., is certified by the State of Indiana in Massage Therapy, and has offered body work classes and private sessions for over 40 years.   She incorporates Energy Bodywork, MPS, Reflexology, Thai Medical Massage, and Aromatherapy. She has trained with MPS, the Dolphin Neurostim since 2005, attending 9 trainings (3 with the founder of MPS, Bruce Hocking, Doctor of Acupuncture, MDMA, who has won international awards with his expertise with acupuncture).   A body of research indicates that micro-currents can help “switch on” or accelerate cellular healing mechanisms. Micro-current therapy, especially through point-specific probe treatments, has an effect similar to acupuncture.

MPS Can:

1) Reduce Stress and Regulate the Autonomic Nervous System

2) Accelerate Cellular Healing

3) Relieve Chronic & Acute Pain

Dolphin and MPS therapy are the perfect adjunctive or stand alone modality to reduce stress, relax patients and improve functional outcomes.

MPS provides for a scientifically documented 75-80% improvement in pain relief & functional outcomes.  MPS is the perfect adjunctive modality for any therapy setting. As a standalone modality or adjunctively combined with other therapies, MPS produces a stimulation that is delivered in a manner to “resonate” with the nervous system and influence dramatic cellular changes in organs, tissues, and fascia.

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